A walk to the stables

A walk to the stables
Tamerin at the horses: we walked there on Thursday and talked rugby nearly all the way!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Videoclip of Tammy's Bible Speech

Tammy doing her Bible speech.

Tammy adding up the prices of Shaen's purchases.

Tammy's introduction to her Bible speech - slide 1
Tammy responding to the audience's reply to her question "Why must you eat fruit?


Adelaide Dupont said...

The Bible film "God is almighty" (and I liked the references to our senses: touch; hearing; sight) was great.

And I enjoyed the background of the "Why must we eat fruit" speech. The shop must have been full!

Very organised this year. You and Tammy have obviously had a lot of practice behind the camera throughout 2010.

A real addition to the Prize Giving!

Miekie said...

Hi Adelaide
Wish you could have seen the whole presentation - you would have had a much better idea of what she said and how she did it. I'm sooo proud of her!